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Thermoplastic Handliner 360M

The 360M Thermoplastic Applicator is simple to operate, versatile, and is backed by years of proven performance.

The all steel extrusion dies ensure cleaner starts and stops with razor sharp edges.  Dies with line widths from 4” – 18” including dual 4 inch & dual 6 inch lines.

  • The 360 lb. Material Tank is the highest capacity handliner in the industry.  The tank is removable & interchangeable for quick color changes. An optional 265 lb. capacity tank is available.
  • Heavier all steel dies manage die temperatures accurately for more consistent lines. Push/pull die actuation gives you every opportunity for higher quality starts and stops. 
  • Variable Width Glass Bead System available in 4",6",8",12", dual 4" & 6" bead widths.
  • Optional solid state thermostat provides control and safety and watches the temperature while you work.
  • The 360M has a small footprint that makes it an incredibly nimble and perfect for the most complicated intersection markings.
  • An optional quick change 350 lb. bituminous tank is available.
  • The quick change tanks can eliminate the need for second machine.