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Line Remover 20HD

Product Highlights

  • All NEW cutter depth adjustments ensures you only remove the intended material.
  • Innovative and adjustable weight system limits vibration to an absolute minimum.
  • The 20HD does not generate cutter heat, therefore, thermoplastic breaks rather than melts. This not only cuts clean up time in half, but minimizes cut time. The result is a better preserved surface.
  • New cutter choices enables the operator the choice to “tilt the balance” toward fastest removal rates to least surface damage and any combination of both.
  • Take total control of variable surface depths with the ability to instantaneously and automatically “float” the cutter up and down randomly while removing.
  • All NEW vacuum port


  • 13 HP Honda OHV
  • Operating: 400 lbs 
  • 44"L x 21"W x 34"H 
  • Removal Width: 4" - 24" 
  • Removal Speed: 1000-5000 linear ft. per hour at 4 inches wide
  • Cuter Life: 15,000-30,000 liner feet